Working with VaultLink means complete cryptocurrency and compliance coverage


Custody is handled by VaultLink’s trusted partners who currently hold billions of dollars of cryptocurrency for some of the largest financial institutions


VaultLink integrates audit reporting and regulatory tracking directly into the product from day one


VaultLink plugs into your existing core banking solution so customers never have to leave the bank’s environment

Gain a partner, not a vendor.
We offer full-fledged support

Working together means 1:1 integration support and set-up. We will be there to bring the software into production and train your team to understand the nuts and bolts of running a successful cryptocurrency business within the bank.


Operate your cryptocurrency business within our regulatory wrapper

Banks offering their customers cryptocurrency services need a fully audited trail of activity. VaultLink understands this and provides a single environment for banks to operate with full reporting included.


Custody is complicated, We make it easy

VaultLink handles security, key management, wallets, and all of the nuts and bolts reqiured to keep an airtight system for holding cryptocurrencies for customers.


Generate fees by helping customers convert USD to crypto

Keep customers from leaving the bank to convert their dollars to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. With over $100bn moving into crypto exchanges, VaultLink arms your bank with the tools it needs to retain customers and deliver in-demand services, all from their existing account.


Deliver near instant payments between accounts

VaultLink provides real-time transfers between account holders, 24/7/365. Our private technology helps your customers operate at the speed of business.

Bank reserves for
stablecoin issuers
USD to cryptocurrency
exchange and trading

VaultLink eliminates the need for multiple vendors and contracts

One platform, one contract. Don’t waste time and money running around to tens of vendors only to find out they aren’t compatible. We make moving into cryptocurrency a one-stop experience.

Secure and Compliant

cryptocurrency custody

2020 Regulatory Landmarks

As a result of regulatory certainty provided by the OCC, CFTC, and CSBS, banks and enterprises are launching strategic cryptocurrency offerings today.

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

Issued letters clarifying the ability of nationally chartered U.S. banks provide custody services for cryptocurrencies and hold deposits for issuers of dollar-backed cryptocurrencies called stablecoins.

SConvert USD to cryptocurrency for customers

Move cryptocurrency seamlessly

Attract new deposits and generate fees

Generate revenue from transactions fees and grow wallet share with customers by enabling them to convert USD to crypto at your bank.

Real-time payments

Facilitate instantaneous settlement and payments intrabank, and enable highly secure, irreversible transactions with low counterparty risk


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