Regulators are embracing cryptocurrency


MAR 24, 2020

Issues final interpretive guidance on actual delivery for digital assets

SEPT 25, 2020

Digital Commodity Exchange Act of 2020 proposes a single framework regulating cryptocurrency


JULY 22, 2020

Issues a letter letting all nationally chartered U.S. banks provide custody services for cryptocurrencies

SEPT 21, 2020

Issues a letter letting all nationally chartered U.S. banks hold deposits that serve as reserves for fiat-backed stable coins


AUG 8, 2020

Releases guidance regarding adoption or listing of virtual currencies

OCT 21, 2020

NYDFS issues conditional virtual currency license to Paypal


SEPT 15, 2020

Approve 'comprehensive exam' for payments, cryptocurrency firms seeking MSB approvals

“One company, one exam” makes it easier and cheaper for cryptocurrency firms to comply with state regs across more than 40 states


OCTOBER 9, 2020

The Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, and Bank of England laid out a series of recommendations regarding Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC). One of the recommendations is that CBDCs compliment, not replace physical tender, and that CBDCs serve to help support monetary and fiscal policy.

VaultLink sets the standard for regulatory compliance. We provide a comprehensive solution that is tailored for banks and leverages existing AML/KYC controls.

AML Toolset

Traditionally, OFAC places AML/KYC screening requirements, responsibility, and control directly on financial institutions regardless of whether these controls are native to blockchain or not. VaultLink provides the required tool sets for blockchain-based activities and transactions.

Audit Trail

Financial institutions are burdened with record keeping for identity verification, customer records, and other related reporting. VaultLink is a one-stop-shop that unburdens financial institutions with an easy and single click stack for reporting.

Information security and operational risks

Key management is difficult. For banks, this is a completely new paradigm; VaultLink is partnered with top custodians to ensure key management is never a burden for your business. We are completely committed to providing industry leading infrastructure to help your bank avoid disruptions that could put your customer’s assets at risk.

Fiduciary risks

Fiduciaries will have to stay on top of market movements, pricing, and the mechanics of crypto-asset settlement. VaultLink puts all of the insights and data at your fingertips so knowledge is never out of reach and decision makers can stay informed.