AML/KYC Compliance

Get a proven, complete cryptocurrency compliance system with VaultLink

Piecing together a compliance program may have been acceptable three years ago but today, regulators expect a mature approach to staying on top of KYC/AML, OFAC, and other compliance requirements. VaultLink has built a native stack of compliance and reporting tools with pre-defined reports and audit capabilities


VaultLink goes beyond compliance. We provide a comprehensive solution tailored for the controls required to run a successful cryptocurrency business


OFAC places the responsibility directly on the bank to meet screening requirements and other related controls, regardless if these controls are not native to blockchain. VaultLink provides the toolsets required for blockchain-based transaction activity

Audit Tracking

More than just travel rule, record keeping for identity verification, customer records, and other reporting will be a big lift for banks. VaultLink is a one-stop-shop for record keeping and has built it’s stack to make reporting as easy as a single click.

Information security and operational risks

Key management is difficult. For banks, this is a completely new paradigm; VaultLink is partnered with top custodians to ensure key management is never a burden for your business. We are completely committed to providing industry leading infrastructure to help your bank avoid disruptions that could put your customer’s assets at risk.

Fiduciary risks

Fidicuiaries will have to stay on top of market movements, pricing, and the mechanics of cryptocurrency settlement. VaultLink puts all of the insights and data at your fingertips so knowledge is never out of reach and decision makers can stay informed.