A Turnkey Solution For Banks To Offer Digital Asset Services

VaultLink solves for the inexperience of traditional banks by providing a full infrastructure beyond just our tech stack.

Unified Banking Technology for Digital Assets and Beyond

The VaultLink platform creates a digital representation of any asset held in custody at a bank enabling real-time payment and value transfer between bank customers in a regulatory-compliant manner. We are SOC 2 certified and view security as a top priority, recognizing that the integrity and trustworthiness of our services are critical for customer confidence and regulatory compliance.

VaultLink exceeds regulatory compliance by leveraging existing BSA/AML controls

Full Service Partnership

Working together means 1:1 integration support and set-up. We will be there to bring the software into production and train your team to understand the nuts and bolts of running a successful crypto-asset business within the bank.

Information Security & Operational Risks

Key management is difficult. VaultLink partners with industry-leading custodians to ensure key management never causes disruptions or puts your customer’s assets at risk.

AML Toolset

VaultLink implements a stringent BSA/AML program to onboarding bank customers who apply for crypto-accounts.

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Transaction Surveillance

VaultLink continuously monitors for suspicious or unusual activities, significant value transfers, and high-risk behaviors. Monetary transmission controls are applied within the walled-off garden of the bank.

Audit Trail

Keep historical data simple and easy with single-click reporting and audit tracking.

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Engineered For Bank-Grade Reliability

VaultLink is a master data management (MDM) platform built on ReactJS, Node and
Java Batch processes. Encrypted MongoDB and MySQL Databases enable staking and
trading within a regulated framework.

lines of codeglass building

Hosted on AWS

Hosted on AWS, including load balancers for high-availability and observability monitoring.

Code Versioning

All code versioning is documented on GitHub for full transparency and further development potential.

Auto CI/CD Processes

Automated CI/CD processes mean rapid deployment of updates and features without security risk.

hosted on aws

Hosted on AWS, including load balancers for high availability and observability monitoring

code versioning

Code versioning GitHub for code versioning

auto cI/cD processes

Automated CI/CD processes. The application is hosted on the AWS cloud server and have load balancers for high availability, with monitoring of the tools on the servers.

All-Asset Value Transfer Rail

Using the VaultLink rail for crypto to attract regulated entities, we will continue to expand to structured products, P2P repo and all-assets